Cat TV Games

Greetings! We’re Brad and Erica, the creators behind this channel. Our journey began with the adoption of three adorable rescue kitties: Sedona, Shadow, and Tom. The inspiration to start our own channel struck when our first cat sitter introduced us to cat game videos on YouTube, suggesting we play them on our TV.

With a background in video production and motion graphics, I couldn’t resist the urge to create these videos myself. Now, we have three discerning quality control testers—our beloved cats. Their approval is paramount; if they enjoy a scene or video, I’m on the right track. However, if they’re not captivated, they gracefully exit, signaling that it’s time for a creative rethink.

Eager to share the joy our videos brought to our feline friends, Erica and I decided to launch the CAT TV Games YouTube channel, inviting the world to join in the fun.

We have three quality control testers that I consult with everyday. If they like a particular scene or video they won’t let me work. If they’re not feeling it, they simply leave and we know it’s a dud.

Erica and I wanted to share the videos that I was making for our cats with the world, so we started the CAT TV Games Youtube channel.