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10 Fun Games for Cats to Play at Home


From interactive tablet games for cats to DIY toys, there are a variety of enjoyable and mentally stimulating ways for your furry friend to be entertained. This blog post will explore several activities that cats can enjoy indoors or outdoors while helping the bond between them and their owner grow stronger. We’ll look into tech-savvy applications, physical indoor amusements, creative homemade playthings as well as tips on environmental enrichment plus which types of games should be avoided due to safety reasons. To provide your feline friends with loads of fun, let’s dive right in and discover how playing cat games can bring joy!

Short Summary

  • Experience interactive tablet games, “Catch the Critters” and customizable settings with your cat!

  • Get creative with DIY Cat Toys & Games, Toilet Paper Roll Creations and Cardboard Box Fun for a pawsome time!

  • Supervise playtime to ensure safety by avoiding dangerous laser pointers/flashlights & using pet-friendly materials.

Interactive Tablet Games For Cats


Our modern world provides us with the gift of technology and our cats can make use of it too! Interactive games, particularly tablet apps, provide a range of activities to keep your beloved feline friend stimulated. There are catch-and-release games that will captivate them for hours as well as customizable settings perfect for their individual needs. Cats love swiping at virtual fish on screen – entertaining not only for your pet but also you if you’re watching from afar!

These fun yet educational video game options promote mental stimulation while giving kitty an outlet to express its hunting instinct desires. Games such as Catch the Koi Fish, Cat Toys and Mouse or even something simpler like Outlaw Chickens give every kind of cat lover something they desire. Plus, these titles all offer safe play materials so both owner and furry companion remain unharmed during ‘playtime’.

We may be bias, because we have an entire Youtube channel dedicated to cat games, but this is our favorite form of cat entertainment. We started our channel and this website when our first cat sitter put Cat TV on Youtube and we saw how our cats loved games for cats from the first second.

Catch the Critters

Cat TV Games

Catch the Critters, designed with cats in mind, is a great application that lets our feline friends chase and capture animated bugs, cat toys and fish on tablets. As your cat hunts across the screen trying to catch his virtual prey, you can be sure it will keep them engaged for hours! This Youtube Channel provides several different videos, so find which ones your cat likes. Your cat not only has access to virtually chasing down rodents, but they could also go after virtual strings too if desired. Not just entertaining, this interactive experience offers mental stimulation while keeping your furry friend busy playing games tailored specifically for them!

Training Apps

Cat owners can use apps like clicker training and MeowTalk to better understand their cats’ behaviors, create a strong bond with them, and keep them entertained. An example of this is the Cat Clicker Training game which requires your cat to associate an audible cue (the clicking sound) with receiving something they enjoy such as a treat or reward. You play it on your phone’s screen for added convenience.

Another app available today is called MeowTalk – this translates meows from nine categories so that you are able to comprehend what your kitten is trying to communicate – improving their overall well-being in the process! It even provides premium features including audio history downloads when signing up for its monthly subscription plan. No network ads will also be displayed then either!

With these apps on hand, learning about our furry felines has never been more fun or easier. Deepening one’s relationship between human & pet at every turn!

Physical Games for Indoor Cats

Young woman in cozy sweater decorating Christmas tree with her cat. Pet is playing with glass bubble in light modern Scandinavian interior. Winter holidays with domestic pet at home. Selective focus.

Providing physical activities for our cats can have numerous benefits, such as increased mental stimulation and strengthening the relationship between cat and owner. To make sure your feline is kept active both physically and mentally, we should explore some of the enjoyable games available to them – from fetching, chasing after something or creating an obstacle course!

Aside from being extremely fun for everyone involved, it also ensures that they’re not getting bored, which in turn promotes their overall wellbeing. So let’s look into different types of these exhilarating experiences like hide-and-pounce. A great way to keep cats entertained while exercising at the same time!

Fetch and Chase

Cats, just like dogs, can have a great time chasing after their favourite toys and treats. Playing Fetch or Chase games with cats is super fun for them as it awakens the hunting instincts that they possess in abundance. This activity not only gives your pet some much-needed exercise, but also helps strengthen the bond you share with him/her at the same time! To keep everything safe while ensuring both of you get maximum enjoyment from playing fetch, make sure to use pet-friendly materials as toys and treats. Supervise excitedly during game play and create opportunities where your cat is able to be active AND mentally stimulated by participating in these activities together!

Obstacle Courses

cat toys

Creating an obstacle course for your cat can be a great way to provide them with fun, exercise and mental stimulation. By using tunnels, jumps and weave poles in the course you will give your feline friend more opportunities to explore their environment. To help encourage cats through tunnel obstacles as part of this activity, there is something that works very well. Placing treats inside it so when they stick their arm in the passageway and gently coax them forward they are then rewarded. In time, they may even take on this challenge independently!


Playing hide-and-seek with cats is an enjoyable way to activate their hunting skills and stimulate both their minds and bodies. This game – known also as “Hide-and-Pounce” – encourages our feline friends to use natural stalking capabilities by hiding toys or treats in the home.

For this great game, all you have to do is hide some items around the house, call out your cat’s name for attention then watch them happily search away! Don’t forget that using pet friendly material should always be used while supervising closely to keep it safe yet fun for everyone involved. Now just sit back and enjoy a healthy kitten at play!

DIY Cat Toys and Games

colorful cat toys

For the innovative cat owner, DIY projects for cats offer a cost-effective and creative way to provide entertainment to their feline friend. Not only do these activities save money, but they also bring forth exclusive forms of play that cannot be purchased in stores.

In this article we will examine enjoyable homemade endeavors such as cardboard boxes recreations, paper bags fun times, and creating things with toilet paper rolls – all allowing you to tailor your pet’s gaming session ensuring it is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging.

So grab those crafting supplies now! And start constructing interesting games along with fascinating toys specially made by you for your beloved furry companion!

Toilet Paper Roll Creations

Using empty toilet paper rolls, you can craft some fun and eco-friendly toys for your cat. Start by filling the roll with treats or small trinkets then link them together to form a snake shape. Watching cats try to get at what’s inside is entertaining in itself, plus it helps stimulate their problem solving skills! A few supplies and some creativity are all that’s required to create an enjoyable activity that your furry friend will love without compromising on sustainability.

Cardboard Box Fun

Cute grey small cat in cardboard box

Cats gain lots of enjoyment from exploring and playing in cardboard boxes. To get your cat’s attention, hide toys or treats inside the boxes or cut holes for them to peek through, this stimulates their curiosity while providing physical activity and mental stimulation! Not only that, but with so many creative options available it can become quite an exciting experience for cats.

Paper Bag Entertainment

Your furry companion can have a blast with paper bags! You can use them to create an entertaining game by adding toys or balls inside. Cut some holes in the bag for your feline friend so that they are able to peek in and swat at items using their paws, offering hours of amusement. With this basic setup, you will be giving your cat stimulating playtime without breaking the bank.

Enriching Your Cat’s Environment


It is essential for cats to have an enriching environment in order for them to be content and healthy. To maintain their stimulation, providing various games, toys, different objects as well as new textures can give them the boost they need mentally.

To add enrichment to your feline’s life, consider incorporating puzzle feeders with motors into its environment. This provides cat-oriented activities that also feed off of their natural curiosity and instincts. With these items at play, you are sure to build a lively atmosphere perfect specifically tailored for your pet’s enjoyment!

Puzzle Feeders

Turn mealtime into a stimulating and enjoyable game for your cat by introducing puzzle feeders. By requiring the pet to figure out how to unlock treats within, these devices promote cognitive growth as well as slow down eating habits. You can make this activity more desirable with an extra touch of motivation, add some tempting tidbits inside among kibbles! Your furry buddy will be incentivised. When working harder towards their reward, providing mental stimulation through meals in the process too.

Motorized Toys

Cats can engage in independent playtime with the use of motorized toys. These types of objects provide stimulating activities like chasing and pouncing, so felines are still entertained even if no human is present. There’s a vast selection available that caters to all sorts of tastes – twirling feathers, rolling balls or flopping fish being some examples, making it easy for pet owners to keep their cats mentally engaged at all times. With an array of these kinds of fun gadgets around your house, you’ll have surefire entertainment for any feline pal!

New Items and Textures


Introducing novel elements and textures into your cat’s living space can provide it with exciting variety for its enrichment. For instance, adding feathers, boxes or fabrics to the environment will keep them curious about their surroundings.

By regularly switching up these items and textures in order to create new experiences for your feline friend, you are promoting a healthy lifestyle of exploration and engagement that is sure to make them happy.

Games to Avoid and Safety Tips

Pet toys. Many toys and balls for dog and cat on wooden background. Various balls, toy mouse, bones for playing and training

When playing with your feline friend, there are many enjoyable and entertaining games. You should be aware of certain activities which should be avoided or approached cautiously, particularly involving laser pointers and flashlights.

For a safe environment for both the cat and yourself to play in it’s important to familiarise yourself with any potential hazards as well as following all safety guidelines while having fun together!

Laser Pointers and Flashlights

Playing with laser pointers and flashlights may seem fun for cats, but these toys can lead to negative behavior and stress in felines since they cannot actually catch the light. Instead, owners should provide alternatives that allow their cat to interact physically, such as feather wands, puzzles full of treats or balls/mice that the pet can swat at. These types of games will give both physical and mental stimulation helping keep kittens contented. If one still wants to use a light-based toy, then make sure it is specifically made for cats while also avoiding pointing it directly into eyes. Limiting playtime could be beneficial too!

Pet-Friendly Materials

Choosing toys and games that are suitable for cats is essential to ensure a pleasant experience. Using pet-friendly materials like microfiber, faux suede, denim, synthetic polyester, rayon, nylon acrylic leather or canvas ensures fun playtime while avoiding potential danger. By using these safe materials you can make sure your cat’s safety is taken care of without compromising on the joy factor!

Supervision and Limits

Having supervision and boundaries during playtime is key for an entertaining yet secure experience both for cats as well as their owners. By overseeing your pet while it’s playing, you can avoid unfortunate events or overexcitement which makes certain that the entire process is pleasant.

In order to safeguard against overwhelming tiredness or high excitement levels on part of the feline, setting limits throughout its game time period is essential too. With a balanced and safe approach to cat-play activities being taken into account by yourself, happiness and good health of your beloved companion are ensured!


To keep your feline companion entertained and active, you can provide them with an array of games and activities. It could be interactive tablet-based options or DIY toys. The possibilities are virtually endless! Stimulating both mentally and physically will benefit their health overall, so let your imagination run wild when it comes to coming up with ideas that bring fun into their day-to-day life, just make sure safety is always a priority.

Creating new ways to amuse cats also adds variety in which they play – providing long term enjoyment for these beloved felines as well as yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games do cats like to play?

Interactive games are an excellent way of connecting with your furry friend and providing them entertainment. For hours of amusement, why not try these 10 enjoyable activities designed specifically for cats?

What can I give my cat to play with?

Excite your cat with interactive toys that mimic prey, light-reflective toys, different textured toys the size of natural prey, or squeaky toys!

Introduce them slowly and enjoy watching your cat have fun!

Interactive games on a tablet can be an enjoyable way to keep your feline amused – give Catch the Koi Fish, Randy the Redneck Rat, Ultimate Cat TV Compilation or Outlaw Chickens a try! Cats will really get into the lifelike graphics and sound effects of these activities which are crafted with cats in mind. They’re simple to download onto your device so why not provide your cat some fun stimulation today that’ll last for hours?

What materials should I use for DIY cat toys?

Crafting enjoyable toys for your pet cat using common and safe materials like cardboard boxes, paper bags, and toilet roll tubes is a great activity! These supplies can easily be found in the home and used to make an array of different playthings. For example, you could construct a scratching post out of a box or form some kind of tunnel with the bag while fashioning into something entertaining with the tube-shaped rolls, all tailored specifically to keep your furry friend entertained.

Why should I avoid using laser pointers for cat games?

Playing with cats using laser pointers can cause unnecessary stress and frustration, as they cannot physically catch the light, so it’s best to avoid it.