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Aunt Linda the Lizard

Meet Aunt Linda, a sassy lizard from the Bronx who once dreamt of a career in flamenco guitar. Alas, her dreams were shattered when she discovered her fingers were too short for the strings. But fate had other plans! Linda, aunt of Larry the Lizard and sister of Leonard the Lizard, embarked on a wild journey to Seville on a foreign exchange program, swapping the concrete jungle for the cobblestone streets of Spain.

Working as a waitress to make ends meet, Aunt Linda served up smiles and plates of tapas. One day, destiny knocked on her terrarium when a dashing Spanish lizard became a regular at the restaurant. Their eyes met over a plate of paella, and it was amor at first sight!

Four months later, Aunt Linda found herself in a lizard wedding gown, saying “I do” to her flamenco-loving beau. Soon after, they welcomed three adorable baby lizards into the world. Now, Aunt Linda’s daily routine involves juggling flamenco practice, chasing crickets, and raising a lizard family in the sun-soaked streets of Seville.

Don’t miss the flamenco fiesta as Aunt Linda struts her stuff in this entertaining episode! Hit play, and let the lizard magic unfold!

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