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Welcome to the latest escapade of our beloved reptilian rascal, “Larry the BACKYARD Lizard,” a hilarious journey that takes our green and orange hero not just across the backyard but around the world! This video is a whirlwind of laughter, adventure, and the occasional misstep by Larry, making it a must-watch on our Cat TV channel.

Larry the Lizard’s Backyard Shenanigans

Dive into the daily life of Larry the Lizard as he navigates the wilds of the backyard, a kingdom where he’s both the fearless explorer and the comic relief. From sunbathing on a leaf to engaging in a high-stakes chase with a garden hose, Larry’s backyard adventures are filled with the kind of mischief and humor that only he can create. Watch as he attempts to befriend a skeptical butterfly, negotiates peace treaties with the resident ants, and stages dramatic reenactments of his favorite action movies using twigs as props.

A Lizard with a Passport

But Larry’s adventures aren’t confined to the backyard. Oh no, Larry is a lizard of the world! Join him as he reminisces about his trip to Paris with his Uncle Leonard, where they sampled the finest flies the city had to offer and attempted to scale the Eiffel Tower (or at least a very convincing postcard of it). Laugh along as Larry recounts getting lost in translation in Japan, mistaking a sumo wrestler for a particularly large toad, and his cultural exchanges that mostly involve him trying to trade a shiny rock for sushi.

Family Ties and International Spies

Not to be outdone, Larry’s tales of his Aunt Linda in Spain bring a touch of international mystery and intrigue. Watch as Larry dons a disguise (a mustache drawn in the dirt) and embarks on a “top-secret mission” to save Aunt Linda from a nefarious gang of garden gnomes. Spoiler alert: it turns out Aunt Linda was just attending a flamenco dance class, and the gnomes were merely misunderstood statues.

The Heart of a Lizard

At its core, “Larry the BACKYARD Lizard” is more than just a series of slapstick adventures and globe-trotting escapades. It’s a heartwarming look at the imagination and resilience of a lizard who sees the world as a vast playground waiting to be explored. Larry’s backyard is a microcosm of the larger world, full of dangers and delights, friends and foes, and endless opportunities for laughter and learning.

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If you’re ready for a dose of humor, adventure, and a lizardly perspective on life, “Larry the BACKYARD Lizard” is the video for you. Subscribe to our Cat TV channel for more hilarious content featuring Larry and his family. From his backyard to the boulevards of Paris, the gardens of Japan, and the dance floors of Spain, Larry’s adventures are a reminder that sometimes, the greatest journeys are those taken in the company of a curious lizard with a big heart and an even bigger imagination.

Share Your Laughs

We love hearing from our viewers! If Larry’s backyard antics and international misadventures brought a smile to your face, share your favorite moments in the comments section. Your laughter is our greatest reward, and your feedback inspires more adventures for Larry and his eclectic family.

Join us for “Larry the BACKYARD Lizard” and discover why this green and orange adventurer has become a beloved figure in homes around the world. It’s not just a video; it’s a passport to fun, laughter, and the kind of whimsical adventures that only Larry can provide.



⚠️ WARNING: We recommend using an old TV or computer monitor to play this. Our cats with scratch and paw at the screen and even jump on top of it. Just watch our “Cats on Parade” short for proof.

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